• 展览地点: 德国
  • 面  积: 72平米
  • 展 览 馆: 德国埃森国际展览中心
  • 展馆案例: 查看该展览馆案例 >>
  • 展会名称: 德国埃森国际工业展
  • 行业案例: 工程机械展
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    • 1423 First records about copper and iron mining in the Altleiningen valley. 1729 Johann Nikolaus II Gienanth leases an iron smelt from the Count of Leiningen. 1811 Historic act: Napoléon Bonaparte issues the permit to build a wire drawing factory in the Altleiningen valley. 1860 At an auction, the brothers Wilhelm and Johann Philip Kuhn, from Gruenstadt, buy the facility. 1941 Georg Stein acquires the wire drawing factory, which has only eight workers by that time. Until 1948, the company produces mainly dowels and chains. 1957 Georg Stein’s son Rudolf launches the production of wire goods. 1964 Development of the patented system for the production of seamless flux-cored welding wire. 1973 Foundation of the company DRAHTZUG STEIN saprofil in Olonne-sur-Mer, France. 1997 Independent marketing and sales of welding consumables.. 2001 Transformation of the DRAHTZUG STEIN wire goods factory to a holding company. 2005 Expansion to Eastern Europe: Start of the production of wire goods at the factories DRAHTZUG STEIN ?ódz, Poland and DRAHTZUG STEIN tolna, Hungary. Erection of the factory DRAHTZUG STEIN spb, Russia for the production of welding consumables. 2006 Company milestone: DRAHTZUG STEIN reinforces its position by acquiring the Wire Industries group and the continuation of their successful come and omim brands at several locations in Italy and Spain.
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